Conference of the 11th of December 2018

As part of the Chair and ISIFT activities, we organised the winter conference the 11th of december 2018 from 6PM to 8PM in Amphi N101 in University of Technology of Troyes. The main topic of the conference was: The use of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Tools to improve hospital logistics.

This conference was the opportunity to present works done on projects between UTT and the Hospital Center of Troyes.

The conference was followed by a cocktail for everyone present at the conference.

Planning :

17h30 : Welcome desk

18h15 : Conference

18h55 : Closing talk from the UTT fondation

20h00 : Cocktail

Programme de la conférence :

18h00 Opening talk from the UTT fondation Aline de Salinelles – Fondation UTT
18h30 Welcome talk of the conference Pierre Koch – Directeur – UTT
18h35 Presentation of the Chair activities Prof. Farouk Yalaoui – ISIFT – UTT
18h40 Towards an optimized management of the hospital logistics Prof. Lionel Amodeo – UTT – LOSI
19h10 Smart data analysis to support Healthcare Dr Farah Mourad-Chehade – UTT – M2S
19h20 Definition of the “bad sleeping”, Sleep Observatory, ADOVA Fondation Raymond Soria/Gilles Bloch – ADOVA/Société ASTALIA
19h30 Presentation of the Healthcare Regional Agency Sandrine Piroué – Agence Régionale de la Santé
19h40 New generation hospitals:  which new perspctives ?

Data use in Healthcare, from publication to décisions-making aids

Dr Philippe Blua- Hôpitaux Champagne Sud

Dr Stéphane Sanchez/David Laplanche – Hôpitaux Champagne Sud

19h50 Ending talk: Presentation of norelem Coskun Duman – norelem