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The winter session of the Chair's conference cycle took place on Tuesday, 11 December, 2018, starting at 6 p.m. in amphitheatre N101, and had as its topic: "Artificial intelligence and digital technology for the hospital logistics sector". The detailed program of the conference is as follows:

  • 18h00 : Reception of participants
  • 18h30 : Welcome speech of the conference
      Pierre KOCH (Director of UTT)
  • 18h35 : Presentation of the Chair's activities
      Prof. Farouk YALAOUI (ISIFT Director - Connected Innovation Chair holder)
  • 18h40 : Towards an optimized management of hospital logistics
      Prof. Lionel AMODEO (Director of LOSI)
  • 19h10 : Intelligent data analysis for healthcare service
      Dr. Farah MOURAD-CHEHADE (LM2S)
  • 19h20 : Definition of " sleeplessness ", Sleep Monitoring Centre, ADOVA Foundation
      M. Raymond SORIA (ADOVA)
      M. Gilles BLOCH (Astalia Society)
  • 19h30 : Presentation of the Regional Health Agency
      Mme. Sandrine PIROUE (Regional Health Agency)
  • 19h40 : New generation of hospitals: which perspectives?
      Dr. Philippe BLUA (Director of Champagne Sud Hospitals)
  • 19h50 : Practices and use of health data, from publication to decision support
      Dr. Stéphane SANCHEZ (Champagne Sud Hospitals)
      Dr. David LAPLANCHE (Champagne Sud Hospitals)
  • 20h00 : Final speech: Presentation of the norelem company
      M. Coskun DUMAN (CEO norelem)
  • 20h10 : Cocktail