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The "Connected Innovation" industrial chair aims to develop new knowledge in the field of valorization of data from logistics systems, production, and markets with the prospect of performance optimization; to propose decision-making tools that will make it possible to meet the industry 4.0 challenges. These challenges are a solution to several simultaneous aspects: energy, ecological, digital, organizational, and societal. The goal is to improve the production tool and support companies in the transformation of their "business model", organizations, design, production and marketing; allow flexibility to meet the demands, by reducing the time to market and increasing the production rate. Therefore, the Chair's research work will be carried out with a view for developing competitive advantages, oriented towards innovation (technological and organisational) and responsiveness to market developments.

The discussions carried out within the framework of the "Connected Innovation" chair will also make it possible to develop and integrate techniques from operational research, mathematical programming, and computer science to effectively deal with optimization problems directly from the industrial environment. The involvement of the industrial partners in the Chair leads to concrete applications for testing and validating the various research results. The Chair's scientific project covers all stages of the technological innovation process i.e. the phases from the emergence of ideas to the materialization of decision support tools in a transfer technology procedure.

In addition to its research activities, the Chair is engaged in a process of direct interaction with stakeholders in the industrial sector through organizing and holding the regular conference cycle. The purpose of these conferences is to gather economic actors and researchers to discuss the most recent real issues that constitute opportunities for research and innovation. These conferences have been increasingly successful for more than a year and attract half of the participants from the business world and half of the UTT's researchers and students. The educational component is not to be outdone, as an effort to support training (Master, Specialized Master, Engineer) is planned around the Chair's themes.